We founded QuickBird in 2016 with the goal to become an app agency focussing on building truly great apps instead of the mediocre stuff that other companies often seemed to produce.

That continues to be our motto until today and is also part of the reason why we are focussing heavily on the medical industry. There is a natural demand for quality in this space. To build safety-critical software that patients can rely on, you need to take software quality seriously.

Since the founding in 2016, we grew a team of 23 awesome developers, project managers, quality assurance specialists and marketers (as of 2022).


What does QuickBird do?

In a nutshell, we are a software agency. We offer software development and design services to other companies. We have two departments:

QuickBird Medical

We focus on building medical software for companies in the health space. Therefore, we know how to develop software as a medical device in compliance with the regulatory requirements that apply.

Link: QuickBird Medical Website

QuickBird Studios

We’re building mobile apps for customers from any kind of industry like Lufthansa, Caterpillar, Zeppelin, etc.

Link: QuickBird Studios Website